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Re: Eclair ACL Mark's S16 Overview

Actually if Les or any other excellent machinist wants to take over the project, I'd gladly send them my prototype to save them a couple of years of R&D. I HATE DOING MECHANICAL STUFF! I just do it out of necessity. Seriously, I'd be happy to see someone much better at this polish it off, and probably come up with improvements. All I ask is that I get my mag back with the improvements in it, and be able to post photos on my site for other interested parties to clone! Let me know. Mark.

PS - I need to colorize some old B&W stock footage for my documentary. It is a super-tight closeup of a guy talking for a minute, so it is probably easier than most shots --- no bg action, just a big flesh-colored head with reddish-brown hair and blue eyes, red lips. He does move his head around though. Does anyone out there do inexpensive colorizing? Is there a computer program that makes this do-able for the average guy on a home PC? The footage is MPEG-2. If anyone knows anything in this area, I'd appreciate feedback. Thanks. (I know that there are places that will do it for $3000 per minute.)

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