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Eclair ACL re:- Marks overview

Hi guys ,

Regarding the 350' magazine , my only comment is  WHY !

Most film is a 400' wind , I thought , or am I behind the times in the mountains of Wales.
Seems a shame to screw up a perfectly good Magazine to save an ounce or two ( Several grammes to the metric members ) & dump 50' of perfectly good Stock.

Re :- the death of film .
I can't see it . I am almost overrun with cameras to convert here , from all over the World .
Maybe , when America comes into line with the rest of the World & changes the electricity supply to 240V 50 Hertz , then I might get worried .
It seems the major problem is conversion from 60 Hz NTSC to 50 Hz Pal doesn't work without loss of quality.
Quite often , on Breakfast TV , when they interview an Actor about the latest series or whatever , they are working on , one hears the comment 'The Producers must think it's a good Show , it's being shot on FILM ', implying , I guess , that it's exportable .

ACL's , I've just finished another batch of S16 parts , I make 10 at a time , & can't remember if I've made 3 or 4 batches before . Is it the price or the quality that keeps them coming.? NPR's Bolex's
Bell & Howell , all Super 16
35mm Cameflex
Arriflex  ..... you name it.

Zoom lenses to Super 16 @ a sensible price.
You name it.


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