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Re: Eclair ACL re:- Marks overview

Hi Les. The main reason to converet a 200' mag to 350' is so that you cut down on the number of mag changes when using the ACL in "lightweight" mode (The lighter mode is significantly lighter for us small guys shooting hand-held). When there is 10 minutes of film in the camera, you can really get some momentum going --- with 5 minute loads you are frequently stopping and starting to change mags, which is especially bad in a documentary situation. And the 50 feet that gets discarded is actually less waste than when you use 2 x 200' loads, since each mag generates a short end ... frequently greater than 50'. (Also, Kodak will do custom lengths on bulk orders). I'm glad to hear that you're stilling getting so much film camera work. I'm hopeful that S-16 film will be around a long time. I'm grateful that there are still a few guys like you around that can help keep S-16 alive and well. I hear only rave reviews about your work. Please don't start servicing any DV cameras! Best, Mark.

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