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Eclair ACL Video Assist

Hi All
     This is my pet subject because I am developing a VIRTUAL FILM PRODUCTION COMPANY... with everything coordinated on line! From script developement, production and distrbution; I never do things halves! The video assist is crucial because I intend that a days shooting should be coodinated on line rather like a 'rave'; also whom ever should be able to come home log on and see the rushes or dailies. It is important that they are good enough because I envisage that they should be edited into a preliminary web movie to guage reaction... even before any serious celuloid editing gets underway! A whole 'MO' is being developed that allows next the creation of a HDTV movie and finally a 35mm theatrical release and nearly all the resources are in place. This scheme has the aditional advantage of being able to recoup interest at a number of stages.
          Hense one can see the importance of the assist; so really how bad is the flicker, as I have two beautifull late ACL1.5's; thanks greatly to the help of Christain Lang. One has a basic ANG. the other has a Kino; both are supprisingly clear and bright... I suppose they may have been laser brigtened. Robert Latimer; which 'c' mount cameres would you suggest using for direct attachment to the eyepiece? Is there a suitable miniDV camera, the smaller the better and preferably a Canon?
          Any input from list members is welcome, also members are welcome to become involved in the project if they wish. One final note; we gentlemen like to treat the list as our own private 'smoking room', I would like to welcome any lady members!
                     ... all the best

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