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Re: Eclair ACL ACL video assist coupler

Hi Robert. The NTSC mini-camera that I used with your coupler is made by WELDEX, measures 25mm square, and with its own mini lens is 27mm long. It fits nicely in your coupler. They didn't have a 10mm lens for it, so I'm using an 8mm. I bought it from Electronic City in Burbank, California --- their web page for the Weldex is at www dot electroniccity dot com slash cameras dot asp. The $99 B&W model is very hi res (430 lines) and gives an image in almost no light at all (.03 lux); the color model is something like $125. Weldex has a web site, but at the moment I can't find the little piece of paper that I wrote it down on. I'm sure that Electronic City can give you the web address so that you can order directly from Weldex in quantity wholesale without a middleman ---- So the whole tap cost me under $200! Thnaks. Mark.

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