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Eclair ACL ACL video assist coupler

Regarding the video assist coupler:

"Also, Robert at The Movie House has an under $100 coupler that attaches to the ACL viewfinder on one end, and accepts a c-mount lens attached to a mini-camera at the other. (I used a camera so small, that the entire camera with its own tiny lens fit in the backside of Robert's adapter. Mark."

Many thanks for the plug Mark. I'd be interested to hear what camera you used and where you bought it. Wish I could get some NTSC mini board cameras here as I'd make the entire video assist.

But regarding this quote:

"Unfortunately, neither the fully orientable Angenieux nor the Kinoptic have threads that can be used. It isn't even feasible to remove the typically half-rotted eyecup without damaging it, so it seems impractical to use even clamp-on adaptors."

?????? I don't know who wrote this but my adaptor doesn't screw into anything. It has two hex screws which grip the eyecup groove in the viewfinder and two screws which hold both video lens and camera. It's designed for the original Angenieux ACL viewfinder of which you will find it fits them ALL. It's also designed for the rotatable Kinoptic viewfinder (non-self-levelling) for the NPR. I haven't got a clue what you mean about removing a 'typically half-rotted eyecup.' Who has rotted eyecups on their ACL??? The rubber eyecup should pull easily on and off the viewfinder. If yours doesn't then maybe you should get it cleaned.

Anyway, you can view the coupler on my web site at www.movie-house.com or go directly to:


Robert Latimer
(The Movie House)

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