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Eclair ACL Which Handgrip is Best?


I agree with Pierre Sam about the 'film look' of the Angenieux and I'm surprised that this is the first time I've heard someone mention it. I used a very compact (5" long 2 " wide) 17.5 - 70mm zoom to shoot a S16 short with recently and using Fuji stock I got the most fantastic film look I was after. The Angenieux is much warmer than the Zeiss, but this combination of lens and stock was a winner for me so I'm going to stick with it.

I've got an Angenieux 15-150mm also which is in mint condition but certainly not compact, so if anyone's interested in either of these lenses, let me know. The 17.5 - 70mm is currently on my web site, and although the front lens element will screw off completely if you try to focus too close, I've not had any problems with it's performance. If I don't sell it, I'll just use it again, as both this and the 15 - 150mm will cover both standard and Super 16mm. Check out my web site for the 17.5 zoom.


I'd really be interested in hearing what wooden or metal handgrips you are using with your ACL and which you would poll as the overall winner. I have been using the Aaton wooden handgrip for some time because it's very light and small. Which is best, small or a big fat grip? I've seen some monster sized handgrips for the ACL and I wonder if these are actually more comfortable than the smaller Aaton style grips.

Many thanks

Robert Latimer
(The Movie House)

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