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Re: Eclair ACL Nikon 35d to 40 =70 to 140 in 16mm


Try this simple exercise:

Draw a rectangle 36mm across by 24mm high . Write "35mm stills frame" next to it.

As centrally as possible, draw another rectangle inside the first one; say 12.5mm across by 7.5mm high. Write "s16mm frame" next to it.

Inside the large rectangle draw the rough outline of someone's head and shoulders.

Now look at it .

It should be self-evident.

ian samels

From: "Mercer Richards (Maui Net)" <wmr@maui.net>
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To: EclairACL@topica.com
Subject: Re: Eclair ACL Nikon 35d to 40 =70 to 140 in 16mm
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 01:09:11 -1000

Robert, Lets look at the test again. The cooke lens is a Super 16mm format lens, placed on a super 16mm camera gate at 32mm zoom setting. This covers the field of view area of a 35mm format 15mm fixed Nikor lens placed on a super 16 mm camera gate. The standard lens for each format are different (standard is the normal field of view of what your eye sees): in 16mm format the standard lens is around 25mm, in 35 mm format the standard lens is around 50mm, and in medium format the standard lens is 80mm. We agree on the fact that a 32mm (35MM FORMAT LENS) on a 35mm camera equals the field on view of a 16mm (16MM FORMAT LENS) on a 16mm camera, as mentioned on page 98 of the 16mm Camera Book by Douglas Underdahl. "COVERAGE. YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT MANY LENSES CAN BE USED ON BOTH 16MM AND 35MM CAMERAS. A "NORMAL LENS FOR 16MM MOTION PICTURE PHOTOGRAPHY IS GENERALLY THOUGHT TO BE ABOUT 16MM, WHEREAS A 35MM CAMERA'S NORMAL LENS IS 32 TO 40MM. A SHOT TAKEN WITH THESE TWO SETUPS -A 16MM LENS ON A 16MM CAMERA AND A 32MM LENS ON A 35MM CAMERA- WILL LOOK ABOUT THE SAME WHEN PROJECTED (PROVIDED THAT THE 35MM IS FRAMED AND PROJECTED 1.33). FOR EXAMPLE, IF YOU SHOT

YOUR SISTER'S CAR WITH THESE TWO RIGS FROM THE SAME DISTANCE, THE CAR WOULD BE ROUGHLY THE SAME SIZE IN BOTH FRAMES, 16MM AND 35MM. (ACTUALLY, "NORMAL" IS A NEBULOUS TERM; MANY FEEL THAT A NORMAL FOCAL LENGHT LENS FOR 16MM CAMERAS IS ABOUT 25MM.)" So, what happens when you put a 35mm format lens on a 16mm camera???? If a 25mm (16mm format lens) and a 50mm (35mm format lens) equals the same image size shot in their respective formats, then, why is the field of view narrower and image magnified when I put a 35mm format lens on a 16mm camera?
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  From: Robert Morein
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  Subject: Re: Eclair ACL Nikon 35d to 40 =70 to 140 in 16mm

  Operator error.
  15mm = 15mm regardless of format.
  32mm = 32mm regardless of format.

However, 32mm on 35mm film has roughly the coverage of a 16mm lens on 16mm film.
  Perhaps this fact is the source of confusion.
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    Subject: Re: Eclair ACL Nikon 35d to 40 =70 to 140 in 16mm

Larry, I don't know the optical formula lingo. I tried the 15mm Nikor on a wall in Tahiti, marked it, then tried a 16mm cooke zoom and the corner marks lined up at 32mm on the Cooke. Mercer
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      Subject: Eclair ACL Nikon 35d to 40 =70 to 140 in 16mm

can you explain how the focal lengths of nikon 35mm lenses double? is this specific to any 35mm lens you want to use on a 16mm camera? If that is so, getting wide angle lenses seems really tough.

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