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Eclair ACL Focal Lengths and Nikon Lenses


Not sure what the thread of this conversation is but you'll find that the focal lengths of Nikon lenses do not double when used on a 16mm camera. This would break the law of physics! What in fact really happens, is the angle of view diminishes.

To put in its simplest form, if you took a still photo taken with a 35mm SLR Nikon lens, and laid a cut-out of a 16mm frame over the top of it, what you'd be seeing is what you'd get on 16mm film.

Truth is, I'd forget ever trying to find a Nikon lens that looks just as wide through your film camera viewfinder as it does through your SLR. The widest Nikon mounted lens I ever saw was the Peleng 8mm, which is not enough for Super 16mm let alone standard 16mm. You're best off going for some wide film lenses and using the Nikon lenses for longer focal lengths.


Robert Latimer
(The Movie House)

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