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Re: Eclair ACL light leaks?

I hate to see you lose the use of the gel filter holder.  I have not covered
mine up, and I've never experienced light leaks in any and all kinds of
shooting situations.

If you have the older handle, it has 2 spare filter holders included.  I use
them constantly for run & gun shooting:  For color filmstock, I load one
with an 85n.9 for doing quick exteriors.  All I have to do is pop the empty
one out, and the 85n.9 in.  I also usually keep an nd .6 loaded up to obtain
a larger aperture to get less depth of field on interiors.  I use gelatins
frequently, and find them very handy.  I have shot as wide as 5.7 mm and not
had trouble with the backfocus changing.

When shooting B&W, I just load the two extra holders with various grades of
ND so I can control the aperture setting.

Never use more than one gelatin in the slot at a time.

Good luck

From: "Mercer Richards (Maui Net)" <wmr@maui.net>
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Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 12:00:34 -1000
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Subject: Re: Eclair ACL light leaks?

Robert, I've experienced ever downfall of the ACL.  The light leak I had was
thru the filter section of the top of the magazine latch assembly cover.
Take the cover off, break off the filter holder, cover the filter slot on
the camera body with black electrical tape, cover that with black silicon
glue, then glue a cut piece of black foam to the inside of the cover to fit
over the black glue and black tape.  This should do it.  Oh, by the way,
blacken everything inside the camera except the ground glass and mirror.  If
you want a real pro to work on the mag latch to keep the mag from falling
off, Contact Bernie O'Dortery in Boston.  He does great work for a fair
price. Mercer
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From: "Robert Morein" <rho@netreach.net>
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Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2002 9:29 AM
Subject: RE: Eclair ACL light leaks?

Has anyone ever actually experienced a light leak with an ACL?

This summer I pushed the envelope and had no problems.

The only anatomical weakness I know of with the ACL magazine, at least the
French, is that there is a possible leakage path through the front of the
mag around the gearbox casting, then through the slot for the footage
counter arm. The gearbox casting is light sealed by a glued piece of foam
soft rubber, but I have seen a mag where the glue dried out and the rubber
dislocated. However, this is not a leak that would be prevented by taping
the mag door.

The Arri magazine design uses a rubber O-ring in the groove of the mag
If the O-ring is in good condition, it is generally said that the camera
does not require taping.

Back to the question -- has anyone ever had a piece of fogged film from a
light leak?

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