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Re: Eclair ACL light leaks?

I  had a leaky 400' magazine.  George Zorzoli at Elecro Optical fixed it,
but I always tape the seams now, just to be sure.  It fogged the beginning
of each take, because the film was sitting stationary, in bright sunlight.
After the camera came up to speed, the shots cleared up.

Warren Yeager, SOC
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Has anyone ever actually experienced a light leak with an ACL?

This summer I pushed the envelope and had no problems.

The only anatomical weakness I know of with the ACL magazine, at least the
French, is that there is a possible leakage path through the front of the
mag around the gearbox casting, then through the slot for the footage
counter arm. The gearbox casting is light sealed by a glued piece of foam
soft rubber, but I have seen a mag where the glue dried out and the rubber
dislocated. However, this is not a leak that would be prevented by taping
the mag door.

The Arri magazine design uses a rubber O-ring in the groove of the mag
If the O-ring is in good condition, it is generally said that the camera
does not require taping.

Back to the question -- has anyone ever had a piece of fogged film from a
light leak?

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