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RE: Eclair ACL NPR Question...

Wade Ramsey wrote:
It doesn't look to me like A wind can be used in either the ACL or NPR.

Right, someone is using some funny terminology, perhaps some young pup at Kodak who doesn't understand the A and B wind business. The Kodak website even lists the A-Minima stock as being A Wind, which is incorrect. The old Kodak data books make it plain that A Wind only applies to stock that is wound emulsion side in and has the holes on the "wrong" side.

The correct definition of A Wind is that the perfs are on the wrong edge to fit a normal camera, with the normal emulsion-in winding. A Wind is used for laboratory print films, since printing emulsion to emulsion requires A Wind print film, and the final print then has the emulsion on the opposite side from the original. (Towards the lamp instead of towards the screen.)

What they are meaning to say is that the camera takes B Wind stock, but wound emulsion out instead of emulsion in. That is, EO instead of EI.

Clive Tobin
clive tobin at acer-access dot com

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