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Re: Eclair ACL Burnt Out HD Motors

Hi Mercer. The voltage is dropping to 13.2v even as we now speak (most 14.4 v chargers will also do 13.2 v --- but check yours to make sure that it will auto-detect). The idea of 14.4v really appeals to me, since in theory the battery will die just before the camera ever drops below speed, and my CP motor has been doing just fine --- but George knows more about those motors than anyone, so I will defer to his judgement even though I think Wade's experiences are quite valid. All you'll need to do is pull out one of the 1.2 volt NiMH cells in your pack. If they are in an AA holder, just solder in a wire between the contacts in place of the battery. When first fully charged, it will read just slightly over 15 volts without a load ... that peak will decrease quickly with use. I'm also going to wire in a tiny Radio Shack digital voltage display ... when the battery drops to 12.1 volts while the camera is running, I'll know it's time to make a change. While I'm shopping for Digital dispays, I'm also going to add a digital real-time-counter to my ACL body --- every time the camera switch is turned on, the counter will be activated. (With a Barney, it is awkward to read those small footage numbers on the mag --- I think a large LCD in real-time will be better). Regards, Mark.

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