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Eclair ACL NPR Question

Hi David ,

The difference between single & double perf film is , as you stated , perfs one side or both . The stock is the same .
It doesn't make any difference to the NPR which stock you use as you only have a claw & register pin on one side of your camera .
It's mainly only Mitchell cameras that have double claws , & we cut one side off ( with several other modifications ) to Super 16 the camera .A real grit your teeth job that , I might tell you .
The only point you have to watch is that the perforations are on the correct side going through the magazine , & the emulsion is toward the lens .
A or B wind doesn't matter , you can even use Daylight loads . The Mag shows you which way .
Take a look at my Web Site , where you will find an NPR page .I do , so I'm told , a pretty mean Super 16 conversion , & started as a Camera Engineer when the NPR was State of the Art, back in the 60's Take a look at the unnofficial Eclair NPR site run by George Odell . http://members.aol.com/npr16mm
you should find a lot of usefull info there.


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