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Re: Eclair ACL Arri S adapter

Many thanks to all who responded to my query regarding the Arri S adapter. The lens "locking" issue has been sorted.


On Saturday, April 27, 2002, at 05:37 PM, Les Bosher wrote:

Just rotate the locking ring in front of the Ring that locks the adapter on
the ACL . Off the top of my head , clockwise
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Subject: Eclair ACL Arri S adapter

I purchased an Arri S adapter for my ACL II, but am unable to get the
arri lenses to "lock" in place. This is an original Arri S-ACL mount,
which has the locator pin to properly align the mount on the camera body
and 3 "prongs" inside the adapter. It would appear that these 3 prongs
should "lock" the lens to prevent it from moving forward and falling off the mount. Currently the prongs are flush with the inner diameter of the mount. If these should somehow lock arri lenses, how are they activated?


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