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Re: Eclair ACL Strange Ebay Item

Haflexx is no longer in business, unfortunately, since Courtney Hafela
died in the past year or two (I think).  They made crystal motors for
ACLs, NPRs, CM3s, etc., and also a speed controller.

We have a Haflexx motor on our English ACL and it has worked very well.
It has a Fischer terminal that our Arri Tach can plug into and control
the frame rate of the motor.  My only complaint is that the ramp up to
speed takes about 1-1/2 secs., which, when you are trying to catch
candid action, sports, etc., is a real drag.  Hafela said it was
designed to ease the pressure on old camera drives and was built into
the electronics and couldn't be fixed.  Later motors were designed
without that.
To overcome the problem, I found that I can watch the action while
keeping the electric inching button depressed (similar to Arri SR) which
wastes a few frames, but when you hit the go button it comes up to speed

Wade K. Ramsey, DP
Dept. of Cinema & Video Production
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC 29614

themoviehouse@hotmail.com 4/27/02 2:10:42 AM >>>
I think all that Haflexx box is for, is filming from TV monitors,
nothing else. Haflexx used to make motors in the 1970's so I don't know how old that thing is, or if the company is still in existence.

Les seems correct though,the connector looks suspiciously Arri BL in

Robert Latimer
(The Movie House)

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