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Eclair ACL LCD Film Remaining Readout

I haven't yet hooked up a digital counter, however I'm thinking that I'd replace the on/off switch currently in my handle with a similar size switch with the ability complete 2 different circuits. One would go to the camera's circuit as always to control the camera's run/stop, the other would go to the LCD module to trigger the clock on/off. I don't think there should be any great difficulty in doing this. If the LCD has the ability to be set to count backwards, one could punch in the running time of the film load at the start. It would be similar to the idea behind the Aaton readout. I just have to hunt around to find out who makes the best such LCD module for this application. If anybody else knows, please drop a note. Radio Shack has some candidates, but there are probably better ones out there. Mark. PS - There are two possible options ---- one is to have an LCD on each mag, with a small jack that the second cable from the handle plugs into. The other is to have just one LCD on the camera body --- perhaps with several different memory settings for different mags as they are snapped on and off.

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