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Eclair ACL Burnt Out Motors and Camera Bases

Two more dead HD motors???  Now I know why they are so rare.

I have a 12v sealed lead acid battery that was wired by DuAll with a 10 amp fuse. I suspect it's there because SLA batteries are easily overcharged (I blew 2 fuses recently).

All my cams have the small ACL 1 base. I can't for the life of me see a fuse in there. Maybe it was only included on the later 1.5's and 2's. As a side note, I discovered I have a bad base on one of my ebay specials from last year. Sean (a list member) at Paradime Media has worked out a rebuilt board for the ACL base. I am sending him my base to take a look. He was able to actually find some original voltage regulators that are no longer manufactured. He has also built an audible out of sync alarm into the base. Very cool. If anyone has a bad e-board or is interested in the out of sync mod, you can post to the list and I'm sure Sean will find you or you can email me and I will forward it on to him.


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