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Eclair ACL More Information on My Lens Adapters

Hi Everyone,

Thought I'd update you with some extra info on the Lens Mount Adapters I have for sale. Didn't think you'd all be interested in the drab world of engineering tolerances, but here we are anyway:

These adapters are accurate to within .01mm tolerances.

These adapters are manufactured by a precision engineer here in London, England within a fully equipped state-of-the-art machine shop.

As Mark points out, and most ACL users will know, as long as the mount adapter sits flush with the flange on the camera, then the focal depth will be accurate. I've had similar experiences with the original TS ring not screwing down properly and therefore the back of the mount not being flush. Another reason to make them out of two separate parts.

By the way, the same engineer who is making my adapters, is also building a handgrip, matte box and on board battery holder system for the ACL. I will of course be selling it at a highly competitive price. If I get half as many responses for that as I already have for the lens adapters then it will certainly be worthwhile manufacturing a plentiful supply of them.

By the way Les, the Caps Lock button can be located at the left hand side of your keyboard approximately three keys up from the bottom.

Thanks all.

Robert Latimer
(The Movie House)

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