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RE: Eclair Cameras: To August....

Thanks for your feed back on my statements.  Your point is well taken.  As
to my expertise, the information I published is available in the manuals of
both cameras.  My reference to limited knowledge base refers to the fact
that "loop" if an essential and important concept in the proper operation of
film equipment. -----Original Message-----
From: Warren Yeager [mailto:wy@warrenyeager.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 11:51 AM
To: EclairACL@topica.com
Subject: Eclair Cameras: To August....

In regard to your posting.

Your information is very good and informative.  I really appreciate your
knowledge and you opinions.

However, your statement: "First let me say that if you do not understand
fundamental camera design you probably shouldnt (sic) be shooting film." was
inappropriate and uncalled for.

This is a forum for users of the Eclair ACL, who are at all levels of film
making from novice to expert and have come from many different backgrounds.
It's to be expected that some of the questions are pretty elementary and
some may even be nieve.

This forum best serves its members by being a safe place in where there 'are
no dumb questions', where even the least experienced members can feel they
can call on experienced and intelligent members like yourself to learn about
the machine and the craft.  A callused remark like yours doesn't serve that

While I agree with you in that we should all strive to gather as much
knowledge as possible,  it should have been obvious to by your next sentence
"Hope that doesnt hurt anyones (sic) ego." that your statement might have
been edited.

Let's all be aware that if we think something we write may insult someone,
it probably will.   Let's keep this forum safe for the free flow of ideas
and knowledge.

August, I value and appreciate your continuing contributions to this
newsgroup in general and to me specifically.

(Let's not create a long thread out of this)

Warren Yeager, SOC

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