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Eclair Cameras: Warren's bridgeplate...

I sent out some pictures of my bridgeplate, but I think they were too big and got kicked out.   Here's a collage of my thingy.....(bridgeplate....not, you know....my thingy)

The matte box is an old Arri 2 stage 4x4 w/ a 4 1/2 round holder.

The black bracket which holds the iris rods was manufactured by Clairmont Camera in LA.

The big silver square is a work in progress.   I'm making a bracket to hold an Arri follow focus unit, which I think came off a 2C.   My custom bracket will allow me to work off either side of the lens and easily move the unit out of the way for gate checks and lens changes.  I'll send out some pix when it's done...hopefully in a week and a half.

Warren Yeager, SOC

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