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RE: Eclair Cameras: ACL 1.5 motor vs. 2 motor

This posting is for all those who have been discussing the loop and inching
knob.  First let me say that if you do not understand fundamental camera
design you probably shouldnt be shooting film.  Hope that doesnt hurt
anyones ego.  The Eclair companies have a mutual design element in all their
cameras. That is the use of a 12 frame external loop and inching knob.  To
properly set the loop on any Eclair camera magazine simply set the load to
reveal a 12 frame external loop.  On the ACL, (all models), mark the center
of the loop with a sharpie and tuck the loop back into the magazine so that
the sharpie center mark is in the center; drop the loop one frame towards
the bottom and insert it into the camera.  On the NPR mark the center of the
12 frames and tuck the loop into the magazine with the mark in the middle,
as well, but on the NPR this mark will stay in the middle as noted on each
magazine. Remember that the NPR has an internal loop that has to be set
exactly to the printed diagram inside. Attach the magazine to the camera.
On all Eclair cameras turn the inching knob once or twice to set the claw.
This should be done slowly and should take no more than one or two turns.
If it does there may be something wrong with your magazine.  If you use this
technique you will likely never have a problem with loading the camera
again.  You will also find that the camera ceases to drop loop while

About Nikor lenses.
The ACL camera is colimnated to set the c-mount flange distance.  Once this
is done at the factory there is no need to recolimnate the camera or its
lens adapters, unless it has been tampered with by an inexperienced
technician.  That means that any healthy Nikor lens will have pristeen
accutance when used with a factory made/healthy Nikor adaptor.  Remember
that focal length is not realitive as some people think.  A 24mm is a 24mm
is a 24mm and so on.  What changes is the size of the film gate or apron,
thus cropping the image circle at the film plane. A 300 millimeter telephoto
lens for 35mm film is a 300 millimeter telephoto for 16mm.  It seems more
extreme because the 16mm film format uses less of the image projected into
the image circle at the film plane.

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I suppose that when I am inching the knob, it allows (as you say) the
claws to find the sprocket holes, thus eliminating the noise I would
have otherwise heard had I not inched it properly.  In other words,
maybe when the sprocket holes are engaged correctly that is when I hear
the least noise coming from my camera.

Anyway, I've run a lot of film through my camera, and I haven't had any
problems with it.  I'll be sending it off to get overhauled in the near
future anyway.


Warren Yeager wrote:
Don't know why that would be.....the manuel says to load the mag and
inch the knob until the claws find the sprocket holes....after that, to
understanding, the motor just turns 'round and 'round and if it has self
parking....stops with the shutter closed and the mirror in
you motor be out of alignment?

Warren Yeager, SOC
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> What I meant was that sometimes if I move the inching knob ever so
> slightly in one direction or the other, the camera becomes quieter when
> it is running with film loaded.
> Mark wrote:
> > In a message dated 3/10/2003 11:59:37 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> > mwelle@starband.net writes:
> >
> > > With my 1.5 motor I adjust the inching knob to quiet the camera when
> > > film is loaded.
> >
> > Can you explain what you mean? Thanks. Mark.
> >
> >
> >
> Michael Welle

Michael Welle

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