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Re: Eclair Cameras: Quality and Price...

--- Carlo Besasie <besasie@hotmail.com> wrote:

differences and various quality levels of these
following lenses:1. The "COOKE CENTURY S2000" verses
"Cooke Speed Panchro's".  And any thoughts on which
Cooke lenses are great and which ones aren't so great.
And how do they compare to Zeiss in quality?2. ZEISS
Distagon verses ZEISS Planar verses ZEISS Sonnar. What are the differences here?

---  The COOKE CENTURY lenses are simply Cooke Series
II and Series III Speed Panchros remounted to a PL
mount.  Cooke had ceased manufactuing these lenses
long before the introduction of the PL mt.  One or two
other companies did the same.  I think Mobil Optics
was one.  These are 35mm lenses.
There are only two Series III focal lengths: 18mm and
25mm.  These are retrofocus or reverse telephoto
designs.  There are strong negative elements at the
front of the lens.  This causes the back focus (the
distance from the back of the rear element to the
focal plane to be greater than the focal length of the
lens.  This enables the lens to clear a reflex mirror.
The shortest non-retrofocus lens that an Arri 35IIB
or C can accept is a 28mm, on an Arri 16S maybe a

On the Zeisses, the names mentioned are basic lens
designs.  Distagons are retrofocus designs.   Planars
are usually a medium focal length.  Sonnars were
origanally wider aperture medium and long focal
lengths, now they're mostly in longer focal lengths.
So medium focal length Sonnars are probably older
lenses, which does not mean inferior.

--- LV
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