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Eclair Cameras: Quality and Price...

Hi Gang,
Ok, I have two questions to throw out to the group, one of which may be slightly taboo (eeek!)  Really, I guess I am just looking for a few opinions.  Ok, here we go:
1st - Does anybody have any opinions on the differences and various quality levels of these following lenses:
1. The "COOKE CENTURY S2000" verses "Cooke Speed Panchro's".  And any thoughts on which Cooke lenses are great and which ones aren't so great.  And how do they compare to Zeiss in quality?
2. ZEISS Distagon  verses  ZEISS Planar  verses ZEISS Sonnar.  What are the differences here?  Is it the year they were made, or inferior glass from one set to the other, etc?
I know that there isn't one all encompassing lens, as talked about before, but when it's time to slap some money down and pick one, it sure would be great to have some inkling as to what lens does what.  What are the basic differences in their performance?
Alright, now onto my second, and possibly taboo laced question.  No sense in beating around the bush, so I might as well as come out and say it.  What is a fair price to pay for these types of lenses?  Oooooohhh! Shreeeek!  There I said it, and boy do I feel good!!  I am in the market to buy a new lens or set of lenses, and it is so damn hard to try and get people to talk about pricing, or what is a fair price.  I don't know what it is, but that subject seems to be off limits until your talking to a dealer, and at that point I don't know if he's talking about the price of the lens, or the Brooklyn Bridge.  And I think everyone can identify with the desire of not wanting to get ripped off.  (If I offended anyone here by bringing up this subject, please forgive me, as I seem to not know any better.)
So ultimately, I guess I'm looking for some sort of quality and price guidance here.  I know that some lenses with different mounts are more expensive than others as well (such as the PL mount seeming to be the most desirable).  So say you had a set of Zeiss lenses in PL mount, and the exact same lenses in Arri B mount.  What should be the price difference?  Oops, there's a third question, sorry.  Any way, you all know what I am getting at.  And in the end if you want me to mail you all a penny for your thoughts, email me your address and I will gladly do so.  Thanks for your time!

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