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RE: Eclair Cameras: film

Hi Julian

I mostly shoot without (85) filtration and rebalance for daylight during telecine. It's not 100% accurate, but it's more than 90% there - I'd say around 95% accurate. There's a special filter (I forget which number it is) that's specially formulated for this use. The main thing is that you have around a 2/3 stop extra of film speed to use, which can get you out of a tough lighting spot or two.

Don't forget that after the inital telecine and color correction, you usually get another go at tweaking the colors during the online or printing stages. That's usually good enough for jazz, as my old mentor used to say. Did over 300 television commercials and nary a complaint from a client.

Of course, on occasion, I have been known to warm up an otherwise unappetizing sunset with a double or triple 85...


Julian Renner wrote:

Has anyone ever shot tungsten balanced film in the daylight? How blue is it and is the blue refinable when being transfered through the digital telecine to give an early morning or late afternoon/evening color tone? If anyone knows and is willing to share I would be grateful.


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