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RE: Eclair Cameras: 7218?

Hi Mark
Thanks for the suggestion. When shooting 35mm and using 400ft loads I worked out a system whereby the longer takes were either good or all thrown away, thereby saving on neg dev costs. I had eight 400ft mags then, I have 4 200fters now, will rent another 2-4 for the shoot, and will probably use them all. But then again, I grew up shooting 3:1 and timing everything out before and during rehearsals, and, silly me, I still shoot video tape that way...
Thanks again!

Mark wrote:
I've found that shooting a dramatic project (ie-dialog) on short ends can be problematic --- you load 125 feet and make a shot or two, and then it's time to change mags with 50 feet still left. One can spend twice as much time changing mags (which adds up in general down-time), and then throw away more film than the savings. For what it's worth. Mark.

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