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Re: Eclair Cameras: HELP battery problem

It's not tough to understand DC power.   There's a + and a - .   That's it.   As long as you connect the + of the battery to the motor terminal which wants to see + you're good to go.

ACLs take batteries from 12v to 13.2v (14.4v is too much, right everybody?), so as long as you have a 12v - 13.2v battery, and you wire an adaptor cable correctly (+ to + ; - to -) you're fine.  If the battery is too big, it'll fry the motor.  If it's too small, it won't run the motor up to speed.

Rather than check the Jaeger site, check the ACL manual to make sure you know which pin on the camera wants to see +, and which one wants to see -.
Then, learn to solder and make your own adaptor.   It's really easier than it seems.   I built my own on board batteries  for less than $60 apiece, including a charger from Alexander Battery.   If you're going to work with motion picture cameras, you'll benefit greatly from being a bit handy and knowning about the mechanics and electronics of the camera.

Warren Yeager, SOC
----- Original Message ----- From: Fulgencio Martínez To: EclairACL@topica.com Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2003 9:30 AM
 Subject: Re: Eclair Cameras: HELP battery problem

 thanks for the reply
 i entered jaeger site trying to find a solution, but my poor french and my litle knowledge about electricity parts makes it imposible for me.
 i have the standard four pins canon conection on the camera. Maybe, if you understand the web could find the reference i need.
 Guess a small cable to camera/charger will do.
 Thank you

 > Re: Eclair Cameras: HELP battery problem 03-10-18 19.25, skrev
 > Fulgencio Martínez på rockanroll@everyday.com följande:
> > hi,
 > i bought an onboard battery thinking conections would be the same as
 > with the big eclair battery.
 > I wonder if their is a cable to canon 4 pins, and if it can be loaded
 > with the same charger as the big one (i don´t have the onboards charger)
 > is the litle conector on my onboards battery a standard that i can buy
 > or i need eclair´s original cable.
 > Please help my with this, i know nothing about ACDC when it´s not
 > about r´n´r.
 > fulgencio
> > The small connector on the on-board battery is a four pin connector
 > from Jaeger.
 > Pin 1 negative pin 4 - 12 volt,. Same numbers as the XLR. You need a
 > small cable Jaeger to XLR if the in connector on the camera are XLR.
 > At Internet you will find information about Jaeger Connectors at the
 > homepage:
 > http://www.jaegerconnecteurs.com/eng/index.htm.
 > Here you will also find distr. for USA and rest of the world and an on
 > line cataloge.
> > Hans Hansson, Sweden

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