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Re: Eclair Cameras: Angenieux 5.9 question again...

03-10-20 09.27, skrev Carlo Besasie på besasie@hotmail.com följande:

Hey Everyone,

2 questions:  Does anyone know for sure if the Angenieux 5.9mm lens will
cover the Super 16 format?

No, not 100%, but you can use it for both the TV and film screen in cinemas,
because  the picture is always masked a little. If you have problems you can
enlarge the picture a little in the telecine.

And the second question;  I went to the Topica web site to look up the ACL
forum and check past posts to see if anyone had talked about this lens, and
I couldn't find the ACL forum no matter where I searched.  I know I'm an
idiot, so please excuse my ignorance here, but can anyone tell me how to
find the ACL list at the Topica web site?  Any help for a lame brain like me
would be much appreciated.  Thanks!

Here is the address to the ACL forum:


Good luck

Hans Hansson, FSF, Sweden

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