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Re: Eclair Cameras: R16 v S16 to DVD

Which lab are your working with?

Warren Yeager, SOC
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Subject: Eclair Cameras: R16 v S16 to DVD

Hello all

I'm in a conundrum re a film I'm making and I'd appreciate some input.

I refer to the comparitive quality between R16 and S16, especially if a R16 image is going to be cropped top and bottom for a widescreen aspect ratio for TV/DVD use only.

Talking at length with the folks at my local lab (I'm in Los Angeles), they tell me that the difference in telecine transfer to Digital Beta is, of course, not as marked between R16 and S16 as between either 16 format and 35.

So - if I'm aiming for a DVD finish (i.e. with little chance of a theatrical blowup or even D5 HD), and my subject matter is dreamlike and involves fast film, fog effects, and a lot of magic-hour shooting (i.e. little in the way of anything slower than 200T Vision), then am I going crazy or is there not a lot to choose between R16 and S16 in this case?

Your comments appreciated!


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