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RE: Eclair Cameras: R16 v S16 to DVD

Hi Warren

Fotokem. Mark van Horn was very generous with his time.

Warren Yeager wrote:

Which lab are your working with?

Warren Yeager, SOC
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> Hello all
> > I'm in a conundrum re a film I'm making and I'd appreciate some input. > > I refer to the comparitive quality between R16 and S16, especially if a > R16 image is going to be cropped top and bottom for a widescreen aspect > ratio for TV/DVD use only. > > Talking at length with the folks at my local lab (I'm in Los Angeles), > they tell me that the difference in telecine transfer to Digital Beta > is, of course, not as marked between R16 and S16 as between either 16 > format and 35. > > So - if I'm aiming for a DVD finish (i.e. with little chance of a > theatrical blowup or even D5 HD), and my subject matter is dreamlike and > > involves fast film, fog effects, and a lot of magic-hour shooting (i.e. > little in the way of anything slower than 200T Vision), then am I going > crazy or is there not a lot to choose between R16 and S16 in this case? > > Your comments appreciated! > > Cheers
> Chris
> > >

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