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RE: Eclair Cameras: HD-144-installation-ACL serial numbers

Hi Eric,
Congrats on winning that ACL. It's a rare bird indeed in that condition. I too would also recommend Bernie O'Doherty for any work on your camera. His work and his prices are the best. Contact him at www.laserbrighten.com. Just a thought here: if your seller hasn't shipped your camera yet you might have him ship it direct to Bernie and then just have Bernie ship it to you. I know you are dealing with the pain and expense of shipping across borders, so it might save you some time and money.

As the others have pointed out I would be careful about tinkering with your ACL. Setting the timing on the movement and keeping the camera quiet is very tricky and usually requires years of experience to get it right. I admire your DIY ethic though. I think one of the appealing things about film cameras over their DV brethren is the ability to upgrade and repair the cameras yourself. A film camera isn't a pile of computer chips and plastic. The Beaulieu R16 is definitely a good camera to start with. They are cheap and plentiful. If it wasn't for a DIY'er we wouldn't have the HD 144 parts kit. Mark S saw a need and he studied the camera and went out and did it. Honestly I think he did alot to revive the ACL platform. So keep it up and let us know how it goes. The DVD sounds interesting. The more information we share the better.

Regarding ACL serial numbers, that has been an on and off proposition. We (the List members) have tried to put together a comprehensive list of serial numbers before but unfortunately after the demise of Eclair there seemed to be a concerted effort on Eclair's (or the new owners) part to destroy any information related to these cameras. What information we have found has come from former engineers or secondary sources and hasn't proven very reliable. It might be worth putting out the call for this info again, so if anyone has anything to add or maybe an idea where we should start with this then please contact us.

Anyway Eric I digress, I think you have a late model ACL 2 on your hands and a beautiful one to boot. Hope this helps.


ps. I would be remissed if I left out my buddy Les Bosher. He is an excellent camera engineer and he does some magical things with cameras. If you are looking to add some aftermarket parts to your camera stop by his website, www.lesbosher.co.uk

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