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Re: Eclair Cameras: Punctuation

I agree, it only makes one look like they KNOW what they are writing about.
Not using proper English in writing is no less an offense then using slang
in speech. It denotes an uneducated person. Spell check is so easy to use

Raymond F. Oelrich
President and Publisher
Big Game Adventures magazine

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Subject: Eclair Cameras: Punctuation

Not to make a big deal out of this (which I guess I already have by
noting it), but I might suggest that you simply capitalize the first
word at the beginning of each sentence.  To me, that is more of a
problem than a few mispellings.  I was an English major in college, and
the rule is to leave two spaces after the period and to capitalize the
first word of the preceding sentence.  Then again, didn't e.e. Cummings
almost always use lowercase in all of his poetry?  I guess it's just
like Robert Rodriguez said, one persons mistake is a work of art to
someone else!  Just my two cents.

Michael Welle

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