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Eclair Cameras: Aaton and Kodak

I agree with Julian's statements regarding Aaton. They are and always have been a company for and about filmmakers, particularily independent filmmakers. I had an opportunity to carry on a correspondence with Jean Pierre and he is a true gentleman and was delighted to hear that the ACL had a life after the death of Eclair. He wanted to join the Eclair List. We tried for awhile to get him onto the Eclair List but due to some technical glitches he was unable to receive Topica list messages. My feeling is the Aminima is what the ACL would have become had Eclair not folded years ago. I encourage anyone who is interested to stop by the Aaton.com website and read the company history. It is very enlightening.

As far as Kodak goes, well Kodak is Kodak. Their website is a mess and impossible to navigate. Finding anyone to talk to that can help you can sometimes be an exercise is futility. When I sent them an email about the compatibility of the Aminima stock with the ACL it was probably read by some guy paid to read email all day and he didn't have a clue as to what the ACL was. I think Kodak tries hard to cater to the indie filmmaker but with a company as large as theirs they often don't pull it off. Their bread is buttered by their consumer products and their large institutional customers. I don't mean to bad mouth Kodak. I love their film stocks and they still support Super 8mm. I know that Kodak threatens to kill Super 8 every couple of years and as soon as they do they are flooded with petitions and emails telling them not too. Maybe if everyone on the list sent an email telling them about the type of camera they use and what type of stock they like, then Kodak might get the message that there is more than Arriflex and Aaton out there. It's worth a try.


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