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Eclair Cameras: Kodak and the survival of 16mm

Tell Kodak that you buy $800,000 - $1.5 million worth of stock a year! I just tried to order some hi-con 7363 in Super-16, (ie-Single Perf), and they would not even special order it for me! The only convenient way to shoot my credits in S-16 was to special order Plus-X Reversal (minimum 18 rolls in single perf); then process it as hi-con (D-97).

With 16mm, Kodak needs to follow IBM's lead after IBM blew their stranglehold on the PC market ---- set up a separate divison for 16mm and 8mm not answerable to the guys upstairs, so that an order worth $500 is meaningful-enough to that division to service it properly. Kodak will doubtless allow 16mm to die faster than it otherwise would, simply because a product that may bring in many millions a year might not be considered "profitable-enough" by the definition of the big dinosaur Mother company. Kodak just layed off 10% of it's entire work force, after a similar layoff last year. That tells you something. Mark.

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