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Eclair Cameras: List Posting Guidelines

Hi all,
I haven't posted in awhile. Been moving around a bit and traveling, so I am catching on to this subject a little late.

I have visited this subject before and I have found that the Eclair Cams List has grown into an organic beast with a mind of it's own. I can suggest some guidelines but it is up to the list members to apply them. So here goes:

If you are replying to a posting, please cut and paste only the portion of the posting that you are replying to.

Further, if you are starting a new thread or posting a new question please change the title of your post to reflect the subject of your posting (and remove the "RE:" from the subject title as well unless it is indeed a reply to a previous question or posting).

If you are posting an off topic subject, that is anything that doesn't pertain to Eclair motion picture cameras, please preface your email message with OT: and that will allow others to know it is a posting not related to Eclair cameras.

Finally, when I started the Eclair List two years ago (Jeez has it been two years already?) I envisioned it as a virtual meeting place to talk about Eclair cameras. Using it as a vehicle to carry on a conversation with a single individual is fine up to a point, but please don't overdo it. One sentence replies back and forth don't make for very good reading. On the other hand don't feel that it's not okay to carry on a conversation with a single person. Those types of conversations often elicit responses from other list members and can often lead to an interesting thread. Use your best judgement.

The list archives is a resource unto itself and by using the above guidelines it makes it easier for someone to find info on a specific topic without wading through a bunch of un-related messages. It also lessens repetitive posting of questions that have already been covered several times on the list (ie. "What's the difference between an English and French ACL magazine?").

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Happy posting.

Ray the List Mum

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