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Eclair Cameras: videoassist in europe

Does anyone know of any place where i could get a videoassist for the ACL in Europe.

Thanks, that's not very encouraging.  Unfortunately, there doesn't seem
to be any choice if you want video assist on the ACL.  Our director
does, so we'll give it a try.

Wade K. Ramsey, DP
Dept. of Cinema & Video Production
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC 29614

>>> hansfilm@algonet.se 7/22/03 10:38:43 AM >>>
03-07-22 16.11, skrev Wade Ramsey på wramsey@bju.edu följande:

> Sorry not to clarify that.  Our Arri SRII's video assist beamsplitter
> 80/20, meaning that 80% of the light goes to the finder, 20% to the
> camera.  Most are 70/30, so the finder is a bit dimmer.  Ours was
done by
> Utterbach in San Francisco, and that is one of their special features.

In your case 80% of the light goes to the finder, for AZ Spectrums video
assist 50% goes to the finder. The diff. are 30%, ca 1/3 stop.
I had a Arri original video T-bar and that was 50/50% and I had now
with a dark finder.

Hans Hansson, FSF, Sweden

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