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Re: Eclair Cameras: ACL Registration


my ACL registers as well as or better than Arri 16SRII
or even the SRIII.   Before a big shoot, for the sake
of "Negative all" insurance I run pin registration
test on all the mags.  Shoot a lens chart.  Unload the
mag, rewind the exposed but undeveloped footage,
reload the same mag, and refarme the lens chart,
slightly differently and shoot it again.  See if
there's any movement or "weave" between the 2
exposures of the lens chart.  My ACL tests are always

Another thing to do is to get your telecine operator
to frame the image area of the footage half way up the
TV screen and then zoom 200% into the picture area
with some of the top/bottom frame visible.   Press
play, and any frame registration problem will be
noticable, provided you're looking at a locked off
shot.  Again, I often check this and it's always A OK.

ACL registration is rock solid I reckon!

Warm regards,
Paul Williams

--- Mark <super16acl@aol.com> wrote:
I recently saw a 35mm blowup of my recent film in
the Arclight Theater in LA --- the room holds about 450 and it is one of the biggest and brightest screens I've ever seen. There was not a HINT of a camera registration problem --- the mis-registration in 35mm projection is probably a hundred times more than that of an ACL.

I did a few title burns, both the title and the
picture were shot on an ACL. It was supposed to look like an old B&W documentary. There was just a hint of movement --- I had actually been hoping for a little more movement for the old docu effect. Mark.

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