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Eclair Cameras: u16 gate

i made a rubber mold of my npr gate and then made a plastic posative and opened the gate from edge to edge(15mm) ... the mold has the orginal r16gate. the pont is, if anyone wants to test before hacking their gate, i can pour some more liquid plastic into the mold and send you one. you can use a dremel and open it up as much as you would like using a microfine bit ... you do not need ot make it perfect, just enough so you can roll some film and process it and check out the results. the cost of the plastic and my time would set you back $35.00 plus postage. just unscrew your metal plate and replace it with the plastic plate and do some tests ... or, you cna purchase some rubber liquid mix and plastic liquid mix and make the mold and posative part yourself for about $75.00 in materials and then your time. i find myself doing this now when i get the urge to modify something ... and recently started using a low melt allow, for mounts and other load bearing componants that need to be stronger then plastic.
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