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Re: Eclair Cameras: Film Editing


it is certainly possible to digitize directly into
your computer without actually going down to tape.  I
have seen some great setups where Final Cut Pro
digitises at 10 bit resolution directly from the
telecine chain.

VTRs that are only players certainly can be used to
digitise your dailies.  But how do you want to
digitise them?  Do you want to get it in at 10 bit or
do you want to work in offline resolution?

Your question is hard to answer as it's very broad. Give me a more specific guide to how your productions work in terms of the post path you've been using. There's just so many ways to skin a cat these days.
Warm regards,
Paul Williams

--- Bill Wiley <billwiley1@hotmail.com> wrote:
Hey everyone,

I am looking at investing in my own editing system,
instead of always driving two hours and paying a healthy fee to use the labs equiptment. My question is this, I know that digital Beatacam ($30,000 for used VTR)is the format these days to telecine to (unless you can afford the equiptment and telecine cost of HD), but how far out is the technology for this going to CD with out taking alot of space in hard memory and raids. And can anyone explain the diffence between VTRs that are Editing (studio), players, and recorders. "Besides the obvious explainations". Can just players be used to digitize the dailies, or do you need the edit version.

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