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Re: Eclair Cameras: Shooting 35mm lenses on16mm camera

That is possible IF the mounting arrangement is not
precisely set to be
exactly the proper distance from the ground glass to
the lens and it cannot
properly focus. Check it out with any footage shot
with that lens, as that
is VERY important to me.What all do you have for the

Raymond F. Oelrich
President and Publisher
Big Game Adventures magazine

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16mm camera

Hei hei

I'd like to ask you about the Nikkor lenses again.
Are they sharper than
Schneiders -- I mean the old Arri Schneiders?
Here's the strange thing. I
have a Nikkor 50mm and a 12-120 Angenieux zoom
lens. I tried them on my
ACL -- just sighting through the viewfinder
without shooting film, and ...
the zoom looks better. I know it sounds crazy, but
can that be?

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