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Re: Eclair Cameras: Repost: Nikon Mounts

Thanks for the help on the mounts.

Raymond F. Oelrich
President and Publisher
Big Game Adventures magazine

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> Does anyone have a 35mm camera with Nikon mount
they >want to see, or
> even an Eclair with Nikon mount?

For mounts, go to Les Bosher.  I have his Nikon to
ACL mount- he also
made a custom OCT-19 to ACL mount so that I could
play with Russian Lomo
35mm cine lenses.  I have heard nothing but praise
for Les's PL mounts.
I understand that Les can adapt most still lenses
to film cameras, if
it's optically  and physically feasible.   Arri B
to CA-1 adapters are
readily available on ebay, if you decide not to
purchase a mount.

I've purchased other shops mounts, that were not
machined correctly, and
Bernie had to "cut 'em down" on his lathe.  So
he's also a great source
for correcting camera woes, should you decide not
to purchase Les's


I can email pictures of these mounts- contact me
off list at

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