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Eclair Cameras: Kinoptik Apochromat 25mm f2 for Cameflex / ACL?

Hi there,
I have a Kinoptik Apochromat 25mm f2 that was shipped to me from France
along with a Cameflex camera I bought. The question/concern I have with the
lens is that I¹m not sure what camera it is for. It is a standard Cameflex
mount (same as ACL and NPR) and fits nicely in the Cameflex but when I
rack-focus the back end of the lens extends and ends up pushing against the
ground glass (as a result the previous owner ­ or happened in shipping ­
chipped the ground glass). My assumption is that this lens is not for the
Cameflex but may have been designed for the ACL and the NPR. Any thoughts?


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