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Re: Eclair Cameras: Lens Adapter Question

I am trying to find a Nikon to Arriflex adapter for my Arri SB. Any ideas?

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Hi Ian,

One of the reasons why the Nikkor lenses are so popular to use on other
cameras is that the Nikon bodies are some of the deepest of the 35mm still
cameras from lens mount to film plane.  Bodies like Canon are shorter so
the Canon lenses must have a shorter back focus distance to the film
Therefore, a Canon lens won't easily go onto a Nikon body unless the Nikon
body front is machined off.  Or if a lens is very small in diameter, a
complicated adapter may be made to fit the lens deeper into the Nikon lens
mount on the camera.  Or optics must be added to lengthen the backfocus
distance.  Just putting the lens on with a simple adapter would not let it
be focused to infiniti.

So the Nikkor lenses are like "universal donors" and the Nikon bodies are
poor recipients for other brands of lenses.

I don't know about the Pentax lens but a good first test is to determine
the backfocus distance.  If it is greater than 46.5mm, then you have a
chance to make a simple adapter to fit a Nikon camera or Nikon mount on a
movie camera.


>I wanted to find out if anyone ever made a Lens Adapter for Pentax K
>Mount Lens-to-Nikon F Body?  I have a Takumar 28-80mm Zoom lens for my
>Pentax camera and wanted to use it on my Cameflex with the Nikon mount.
>Ian Turpen

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