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Re: Eclair Cameras: optar ilumina lens set from ebay/keivcamera

I highly recommend Les Bosher's ACL Arri B lens mount.  It is not an
adapter, but rather a proper lens mount.  It's made out of stainless steel.
Another option is his PL mount, with an Arri B to PL adapter, if you have or
anticipate PL mounted glass.

Les can also make custom mounts, as he has done for me.

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Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2004 1:16 AM
Subject: Eclair Cameras: optar ilumina lens set from ebay/keivcamera

i recently purchased a set of optar ilumina prime lenses from keivcamera
on ebay in the bayonet mount.  i wanted to know if anyone has a bayonet
to ca-1 mount adapter they would like to sell.  also, i have heard
mention of les boshner's mount adatper ... is this an aluminum, brass,
or steel mount adapter?  i found a brass adapter, but not certain if
that is the best route to take.  anyone know a thing or two about this
particular subject?

also, does anyone on this list have the optar lenses and use them
actively on your acl camera?


eric m jarvies
cabo san lucas, baja california sur.  mexico

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