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RE: Eclair Cameras: Van Diemen

If they are out of business, then why is their website still up?


Also, apparently Film Camera Kit is offering conversions for 950 pounds ($1,682.45 USD). Please see the following link:


My notion is that the T stop would increase according to this chart (of my making):

T2.0 = 1.00X (Zeiss 10-100 Factory)
T2.1 = 1.05X
T2.2 = 1.10X (Zeiss 11-110  Factory)
T2.3 = 1.15X (Film Camera Kit 11.5-115)
T2.4 = 1.20X  (Optex or Serious Gear 12-120)
T2.5 = 1.25X
T2.6 = 1.30X
T2.7 = 1.35X
T2.8 = 1.40X (Les Bosher conversion 14-140)

The last conversion is written about on Mark's page:


Here are pages about the other conversions:



So basically, it seems that if someone could get their hands or create a 1.10X converter that they could attach to the Zeiss 10-110, you could have the same thing as a factory 11-110, n'est-ce pas?

Mike Welle

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