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Eclair Cameras: Van Diemen

I heard Van Diemen is out of business, so the choices narrow down.

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Sent: Saturday, December 27, 2003 9:07 PM
Subject: Eclair Cameras: Zeiss 11-110 T2.2 vs. Van Diemen 11.5-115 T2.3 vs.
Optex 12-120

Considering that the Zeiss 11-110 T2.2 is based off of the Zeiss 10-100
T2 Mk. II with the 87mm front, my question is: is this "factory" lens
accomplished through adding a piece of glass to the 10-100?  My theory
is that Zeiss added a 1.10X range extender.  Why?  Because of what I
read at the filmcamerakit site regarding their conversion of the lens to
11.5-115 T2.3.  This is what is stated at the site:

"The modification changes the focal length by a factor of 0.015x and
adds approx 1/4 of a stop."

Actually, my understanding is it would be a 1.15X change, since this
number times 10 gives you 11.5

1.15 * 10=11.5

Therefore, wouldn't it serve to reason that Optex is using a 1.20X
converter considering that their lens becomes a 12-120 T2.4?

1.20 * 10=12

So, what I'm really asking is: is the VanDiemen 11.5-115 and the Optex
12-120 just as good as the factory Zeiss 11-110, or am I grossly over
simplifying?  Somehow I fear the latter may be true, but wishful
thinking and logic makes me want to believe that if a company could come
up with a piece of glass that was 1.10X you could replicate the Zeiss
11-110 T2.2 without having to pay $9,500.00 or more.  You can often find
a Zeiss 10-100 Mark II for less than $3,000 on Ebay these days.  The
cost of the VanDiemen conversion is about $1,650.00.  It would be great
if you could pretty much get the same effect of the factory Zeiss 11-110
by spending only $4,650.00 as opposed to $9,500.00.  Better yet, it
would be great if someone could make a 1.10X extender to fit to the back
of these lenses.

1.20X = 12-120 T2.4
1.15X = 11.5-115 T2.3
1.10X = 11-110 T2.2(???)

Mike Welle

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