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Re: Eclair Cameras: Kodak's Future---Your Government Inaction!!!

--- Warren Yeager <wy@warrenyeager.com> wrote:
Remember that Kodak has another division....a
special imaging division for
the US Government, where there may very well be some
R & D and some products
for us poor civilians down the line....

--- Do you remember how Kodak had to keep
EF and E-4 Ektachrome for years after it had intended
to discontinue them in favor of VNF and E-6
because the goverment, mostly military, labs wouldn't
change their processing units over to VNF and E-6?

When I was working on the Fox Movietone Restoration
Project the Kodak/USGov trickle down item that we had
was the first civilion usage of a B/W HD chip that was
used in NSA spy satellites.
---  LV

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