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Eclair Cameras: speaking correctly


I, for one, am always grateful to read your posts whether they're spelled
correctly or not.  I applaud your participation in a forum that is in a
language other than your native one, and I have some understanding of the
difficulty this poses.  Though I know I shouldn't draw broad inferences just
from your posts, your efforts to communicate on this forum in English make
me think more highly of French Canadians rather than be tempted to make fun
of you or anyone else.

julian williamson

From: Raymond <roelrich@shaw.ca>
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Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 19:21:12 -0800
To: EclairACL@topica.com
Subject: Re: Eclair Cameras: Kodak's Future

I am also French Canadian, but I learned how to speak and spell, so people
would not make fun of other French Canadians. Learn the language like we

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From: Pierre Samuel Rioux <mailto:samro@total.net>
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Subject: Re: Eclair Cameras: Kodak's Future

    2 reasons wy the film still have a future !

First many movie theater can not spend 120,000 $ on digital projector per
screen. They could buy a new 35mm head projector for 12 to 14, 000 $.

If we shot at 30 or 48 frp and project that at the same speed the film
qualité could increase dramaticly at a level the digital could not reach
before 10 years. This could bring back techniscope 2frp it is only used for
take, but it reduced the film speed in haf 45 ft per minutes not 90 tf so if
you used a speed of 48 frp 2X the film cost will be the same but you
increase the quality.

Now we are in a hybride situation we used many processe to produce it is
creatif. At the end the film production will cost more in digital.

They have film solution possible it not need to be Imax, just increase the
speed the idea with techniscope the projector need to run at the same speed
90th per minut at 48 frp. We could bring this idea to 16mm also with a kind
of techniscoop done with a 16mm film with perforation on 2 side but the
super 8 hold and take only 1/2 of the image and increase the speed to 30 or
48frp.The fack is the image market go on wide.

What Scare me !  if pepole got a better quality to wach video at home (
digital theater at home ) and the industrie do not ajust to increase the
quality in movie theater the film is dead.For customer going to the movie
must be a experience, if you got better quality at home you stay home.

Pierre Sam
Sorry for my english I am french Canadian

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