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Re: Eclair Cameras: Power Handle plug wiring

Because it is a simpe two-wire on/off deal, I believe that which wires go to which pins won't matter. But to be extra cautious, do a quick half-second "on-then-off test" just to make sure ... and have an extra fuse around. But I honestly don't think that you have anything to worry about. Anyone else know for certain??? M.

PS - The only reason I'm advocating caution is because I believe that the ACL body itself carries negative current, kind of like an automobile ---- however I imagine that the Lemo receptor in the camera's base would be insulated from contact with the body ... but I don't know for certain. I actually have a handle-Lemo somewhere, snipped off of an ACL II handgrip (I switched over to BNC connectors for use with my custom battery holder), and if I can find it I'll look and see how the colored wires were hooked up (but don't lose sleep waiting for me to find it). But again, I seriously doubt it will be an issue.

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