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Eclair Cameras: Digital Post-Production

Hello Gang!

I love hearing the opinions and experienced views expresses on this board. As an Eclair user and 16mm hobbyist, I would like to hear some input discussed here on post-production. Even with the increasing sophistication and availability of digital imaging, there is something esthetically subtle that I prefer, about film. That said, I'm quite interested in hearing what some of you working professionals use for posting digitally. Specifically:

1) I'd like to know what labs seem reputable for converting negative stock to DVD prior to editing.

2) What software is considered "industry standard" for editing of a professional quality end product... if distribution is to be on DVD only?

3) Would a PC or a Mac be the best computer to dedicate SOLELY to editing projects?

4) If someone was to shoot on reversal as opposed to negative, are color and contrast issues correctible while posting images digitally?

5) Any other thoughts you shooters have concerning posting and/or the digital editing process.

Thanks a lot, guys. I look forward to hearing some opinions on this.

                                                   Kelly Fuller

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